Registration info


The 2020 edition of CEDGC hosts a maximum number of 90 players. In line with the CEDGC Spot allocation rules, there are multiple ways how a player can qualify to the tournament:


The best X number of players – according to the end of the 2019 year official ratings – receive automatic spots for the tournament (“AUTOMATIC SPOTS”) 2 6 6 21
Each CE country can nominate X number of players in these divisions in their own discretion (“NATIONAL SPOTS”) 7 7 7 21
The highest rated X number of players on the waiting list are automatically moved to the tournament (“CURRENT RATING SPOT”) 1 1 1 5
Wild Cards – the TD can decide to add X number of players from the waiting list (“WILD CARD SPOTS”) 0 1 1 3
TOTAL number of Players in each division 10 15 15 50


Registration golden rules

  1. After registration, players will be automatically put to the waiting list. The tournament organisers will “move players up” to the list of qualified players according to the above table.
  2. If you would like to play, then register. Do not worry about not knowing whether you will  qualify or not.  We can only work with people who are on the waiting list.


Deadlines, registration schedule

  • Registration procedure to start on March 31, after registering, players are automatically put on the waiting list
  • AUTOMATIC SPOT players are moved to the list of qualified players within 2-3 days following registration
  • Countries are required to send their NATIONAL SPOT list to the TD latest until July 31, 18:00:00. Make sure that the players on these lists have also registered, and can be found on the waiting list. NATIONAL SPOT players will be moved to the list of qualified players until July 31, 23:59:59.
  • CURRENT RATING SPOT players are moved from the waiting list to the list of qualified players on Aug 2, 23:59:59.
  • WILD CARD SPOT players are selected by the TD and informed about their qualification on August 1. WILD CARD SPOT players are immediately notified by the TD, and they need to confirm their registration within 5 days. In case players do not confirm, then they are automatically removed from the waiting list.
  • Registration shall end on August 1. Players interested in playing must directly contact the TD after this date.

Whenever a player is moved to the list of qualified players, they will receive an email with the most important payment and other instructions.


Registration of non-players

As the tournament will be held in a closed botanical garden, we require non-playing visitors (caddies, friends, relatives, etc.) to register to the tournament as well. Registered non-players will need to pay a non-player fee, and their fee will cover certain services as well (see Tournament fees).

In case non-players fail to register, they can also enter the park and watch the tournament, but they will need to buy their own tickets at the botanical garden entrance.